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Specialties: Once you arrive home with your precious new bundle of joy, there will be many questions about how to care for baby and yourself. If breastfeeding is in your plan we can offer support in helping a new mother and baby learn about each other at the breast. Or, if you have chosen to bottle-feed, we can offer support in that area as well. We also can provide information and assistance with milk production, lactation recipes, pumping and milk storage. It is a joy of ours to be able to support a mother's physical recovery after childbirth and emotional adjustment to parenthood. We can assist with small meal preparation for the mother and family members, help organize the nursery, run errands, including grocery shopping, and do light housekeeping chores such as dishes and laundry. Our doulas will support your entire household, help you understand your new child, and facilitate a restful, peaceful environment. Established in 2010. Welcome! My name is Kimberly Von Slomski and I am excited to tell you a little about my background and show you what we can do for you and your family as your postpartum doula or Newborn Care Specialist. Newborn care and supporting new mothers are truly passions of mine. I believe in bringing 'the village' back to the new mother, incorporating physical and emotional support, sibling transition, and specific family-based care to the home.I have worked with babies and children for the past 23 years and I am a certified Postpartum Doula, Newborn Care Specialist, Lactation Educator Counselor and Certified Sleep Trainer. Creating a strong community begins in the home. One healthy, peaceful, sleeping family can lead to a community of happy people and I'm grateful to be a part of that.


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